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Araucana Rooster and Chicken7860 viewsWe put a pig arc in the field for Westbrook. He, of course, prefers to sleep elsewhere -- including the chicken house. So the arc has been taken over by the Araucana chickens.
At the Beach7848 viewsMarjorie 1, Cathy, Frank Wilson, Jeanie Wilson
The Chrysler Imperial and Cow Dummy7837 viewsIt was hoped that Ross would mount the white plastic cow dummy (covered with a cow hide during the performance of Guardian of the Veil. A similar dummy was sent to us at Lucies Farm to see if Ross was "interested." He wasn't.
Kiko Napping in the Conservatory7527 viewsOn May 1 2006, Kiko's 11th Birthday
Kiko's Photo of His Paw7350 viewsKiko took this close-up of his paw with his digital collar cam. Looks like Kiko needs to work a bit on focus.
Marjorie's New Polo Shirt7338 viewsWe had a young Polish lady --- Agnes --- help us on the farm. She left one of Marjorie's Polo shirts to soak overnight --- but apparently soaked it in acid. She came to us from a recruitment agency, Claire Meade Ltd. They described her as "house proud." We didn't pay their fee.
Chase's Pig7292 viewsThis magnificent pig is a cross between a kune kune pig (the small pigs from New Zeland, who have wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never understood how that mating took place. This pig is about 12 or 13 years old, but she can still move as fast as a piglet.
Khaki Campbell Female Duck7272 viewsHaving a rest on the bank of the pond in the front garden of Whitecroft.
Don Nassie with Tahitian Shell Lei7180 viewsI think this was taken as a publicity photo for Shirl-iti -- to sell Tahitian shell leis and woven hats. Kahala, the 1960's.
Richard Chamings After Doing A Pregnancy Diagnosis7128 viewsWhat a way for Richard to begin his morning. But the cow, HEH F6, is pregnant, and so began her journey to her new home in West Sussex.
Marjorie at the Beach7124 viewsIn a knitted wool bathing suit.
Ann Carman taking the Calf's Temperature7071 viewsAll normal . . .
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