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"Keey Your Eye on The Ball.."6833 viewsLiterally in this case.
Khaki Campbell Female Duck6726 viewsHaving a rest on the bank of the pond in the front garden of Whitecroft.
Smiling Kiko6670 viewsTook this photo of Kiko in the back garden, August 2004. Kiko makes me smile --- he's always so happy, and he looks happy!
Chase and Kiko in Sleeping Mode6594 viewsChase and Kiko asleep at Whitecroft - Christmas 2003
At the Beach6498 viewsMarjorie 1, Cathy, Frank Wilson, Jeanie Wilson
Dubarry Boots6478 viewsThe Dubarry folks sell their waterproof boots by standing in a little tub of water during most of the show. They're also good at serving chilled champagne.
Kiko, Mud, And His Ball6413 viewsHere's Kiko, fresh out of the muddy stream. Even though he had to put his entire Bull Terrier head under the muddy water, he managed to retrieve his blue ball.4 comments
Chase's Pig6251 viewsThis magnificent pig is a cross between a kune kune pig (the small pigs from New Zeland, who have wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never understood how that mating took place. This pig is about 12 or 13 years old, but she can still move as fast as a piglet.
Is this a facial?6249 views
Barbara Cleaning The Pool6089 viewsWhile our indoor pool has been maintained, we haven't really had time to swim in it. As we get ready to introduce canine swimming, it's time to clean every tile spic-n-span. It's a hot summer Friday, and Barbara volunteered. Ever gone swimming in kitchen gloves?
Richard Chamings After Doing A Pregnancy Diagnosis6067 viewsWhat a way for Richard to begin his morning. But the cow, HEH F6, is pregnant, and so began her journey to her new home in West Sussex.
The Chrysler Imperial and Cow Dummy6062 viewsIt was hoped that Ross would mount the white plastic cow dummy (covered with a cow hide during the performance of Guardian of the Veil. A similar dummy was sent to us at Lucies Farm to see if Ross was "interested." He wasn't.
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