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Maxim Magazine June 2005 Article4192 viewsDavid Whitehouse, a reporter from Maxim Magazine spent a night in our dog hotel. As this is a bit of a lad's magazine, the article is not accurate reporting --- and not for the easily offended. The pictures are good, and part of the article is quite funny. (David was fed a Kobe beef meatloaf for dinner and ate it all. He had to turn the heat down in the middle of the night because he was too warm...) This is a 1,883kb PDF file.1 comments
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534160 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Atrium of Burj al Arab Hotel4156 viewsPhotographed from the lower lobby, looking up through the fountains and the large gold columns. They love gold in the Burj al Arab!
Wild Boar Feeling Frisky4152 views
Burj al Arab Cocktail Lounge4116 viewsThis colourful cocktail lounge actually sticks out from near the top of the Burj al Arab hotel. So we were actually hundreds of feet above the Arabian Sea.
Richard Chamings After Doing A Pregnancy Diagnosis4113 viewsWhat a way for Richard to begin his morning. But the cow, HEH F6, is pregnant, and so began her journey to her new home in West Sussex.
Belgian Blue Bull4110 views
Kiko Napping in the Conservatory4088 viewsOn May 1 2006, Kiko's 11th Birthday
Think I've seen something of interest4068 views
Vic Scott Massaging an Aberdeen Angus Steer4065 viewsThe cattle stand still when they're being massaged, and often lean into the massager. They are weighed and massaged after they've had their beer and grain, so are quite merry anyway.
Panoramic Image of the Bridge Between Wake and Peale Islands4034 viewsAs best I can tell from the map of Wake Island this is the bridge between Wake Island and Peale Island. The water beneath leads into the lagoon. It appears that the bridge is under construction. I think this photo --- actually two slides stitched together --- is circa 1953.
Tamworth Boar, Waiting for the Vet4031 viewsThe best way we could think of isolating the Tamwroth boar so the vet could check his back leg was to lure him into the stock trailer with food. In the end, he managed to push open the metal gate and escape.
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