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Berkshire Piglets Playing With the Tamworth5215 viewsThese Berkshire piglets are supposed to be in the next field, with their mother. They can, of course, escape in multiple places, and they prefer to pay with the slightly older Tamworth pigs.
Wot a surprise - food. An amazing buffet feast.5185 views
Merlin -- A bit of Guernsey | Kobe5176 viewsWe recently purchased Carole, a pure-bred Guernsey cow, as our "house cow." The farmers who sold us Carole are getting out of the dairy business, so their bull, Merlin, was set to go to the chop. The Guernsey Cattle Society tells me Guernsey beef is delicious, so Merlin has had a bit of a reprieve. He gets to eat grain and grass and drink beer --- for a year.
Wake Island Airport - Circa 19535162 viewsMy father, Woody Walsh, was stationed on Wake Island when he worked for PanAm. This was circa 1953.
Hey, that's a shower to take your skin off..........5147 views
Running Through The 11 Acre Field5059 viewsI'm not sure if this Highland cow was running to me, or away from me. A warm summer afternoon, July 10 2005, on the 11 Acre field.
Joe's Birthday Cake4952 viewsJoe has been a guest in our luxury dog hotel. His family surprised Joe this week with a doggie birthday cake with his portrait.
Isn't this fun4952 views
Queen's Surf Gardens - 19584948 viewsCraig standing in the old Queen's Surf gardens, Waikiki Beach, 1958. Complete with the tiki in the background.
Belgian Blue Bull4922 views
Here They Come . . .4910 viewsThe Tamworths (mother and piglets) chasing me as I keep trying to run ahead of them.
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tile4897 views4 comments
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