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Two Picanha Steaks Cut From The Whole4475 viewsThis is the piece that Marjorie rubbed with salt. We have cut the steaks quite thick, and are about to put them on the grill.
Think I've seen something of interest4474 views
Ted4470 views3 comments
Tenbury Wells - Let Us Do Your Ironing4432 viewsThis sign made me chuckle. It was in the window of a cluttered, dusty shop. And the sign itself looked like it needed a good ironing.1 comments
Gloucester Old Spot - Tamworth Cross Piglets4431 viewsAbout six or seven months ago a farmer asked if he could bring his two Gloucester Old Spot sows to Lucies Farm so they'd have a litter of Tamworth - GOS piglets. The farmer visited us several times and then vanished, leaving us with the babies (and their mothers). These are part of the two combined litters.
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534427 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Wild Boar Feeling Frisky4411 views
Jus' surveying my domain4411 views
Panoramic Image of the Bridge Between Wake and Peale Islands4385 viewsAs best I can tell from the map of Wake Island this is the bridge between Wake Island and Peale Island. The water beneath leads into the lagoon. It appears that the bridge is under construction. I think this photo --- actually two slides stitched together --- is circa 1953.
Breakfast at the Burj al Arab Hotel4369 viewsMarjorie having breakfast. We were surrounded by plants from Hawaii (or from tropical islands) like the naupaka. The poor things were struggling: I suspect the humidity is too low in Dubai, or it's too hot -- or both.
Oh, I don't know .........4357 views
Marjorie in the Garden4330 viewsA date palm garden in an inner courtyard at the Bab Al Shams Hotel, in the desert in Dubai.
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