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Black Bull -- Woodneuk Fold -- Royal Show 20054617 viewsI took this photograph of a regal Highland black bull waiting to go into the show ring. The gentleman gave me his card: he's Tom Thomson from the Woodneuk Fold in Glasgow.
craig and dogs - Torquay.jpg
Enjoying the Imperial Hotel, Torquay4596 viewsI believe it's great to travel with the dogs. Here we all are, enjoying our ocean front room at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay. September 2003
Panoramic Image of the Bridge Between Wake and Peale Islands4587 viewsAs best I can tell from the map of Wake Island this is the bridge between Wake Island and Peale Island. The water beneath leads into the lagoon. It appears that the bridge is under construction. I think this photo --- actually two slides stitched together --- is circa 1953.
Vic Scott Massaging an Aberdeen Angus Steer4586 viewsThe cattle stand still when they're being massaged, and often lean into the massager. They are weighed and massaged after they've had their beer and grain, so are quite merry anyway.
Camel Parade Number 24570 viewsAnother camel in the Camel Parade, in the gardens of the Dar Al Masyaf hotel.
Hey, that's a shower to take your skin off..........4558 views
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534543 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Think I've seen something of interest4530 views
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Breakfast at the Burj al Arab Hotel4500 viewsMarjorie having breakfast. We were surrounded by plants from Hawaii (or from tropical islands) like the naupaka. The poor things were struggling: I suspect the humidity is too low in Dubai, or it's too hot -- or both.
Wot a surprise - food. An amazing buffet feast.4499 views
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet4490 views
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