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Poinsettia outside unit opposite Mum_s unit in Cooranbong July 2005.jpg
Close up of poinsettia495 viewsA close up of the same poinsettia bush
Mathing bonnet 2.jpg
Matching bonnet for Matinee Jacket492 viewsBonnet matches one of the matinee jackets knitted by Granny
Beach boxing day 2004~0.jpg
Beach Jan 2005475 viewsShowing the beach during our walk along it Jan 20051 comments
Kiko's Photo of His Paw474 viewsKiko took this close-up of his paw with his digital collar cam. Looks like Kiko needs to work a bit on focus.
Molly's Photograph of Grass458 viewsThis is grass from the viewpoint of Molly, a Daschund. The photograph was taken with a small digital camera mounted on Molly's collar.
Molly's Photograph of Grass453 viewsMolly, the Long Haired Daschund, is quite low to the ground, so when she used the Tomy Wonderful Shot digital camera --- mounted on her collar --- she opted for a more "abstract" look to her photographs. This is, I think, grass.
Kiko's Photograph of our Kitchen449 viewsKiko, our bull terrier, took this photograph of one of his favourite places in the world --- our kitchen. There's a small refrigerator on the right, and the source of all wonder --- the oven --- straight ahead. Photographed by Kiko with his collar camera.
Melanie at Melbourne airport with Nathan445 viewsWaiting for our flight to Singapore with Nathan one of the group members
Kiko's Photograph of Our Garden437 viewsKiko, our bull terrier, took this photograph of a bush in our garden using the Tomy Wonderful Shot camera mounted on his collar.
Green437 viewsMolly, the Daschund, took this photograph of green with her collar-mounted digital camera. Louise Nevelson did black paintings and sculpture --- Molly prefers to work with a happier green colour.
Sign for the local flying school soon to be closed July 2005.jpg
Sign for airport426 viewsSign for the Cooranbong airport which is rumoured to be closing despite the fact it is a very busy training airport
Molly's Photograph423 viewsMolly, the Daschund, took this photograph with a collar-mounted Tomy Wonderful Shot digital camera. Molly has opted for an abstract look to her work.
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