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Mining disaster plaque in Hunter Valley NSW July 17 2005.jpg
Bellbird Mining Disaster Plaque330 viewsA plaque in memory of miners who died in a mining disaster
Beach boxing day 2004~0.jpg
Beach Jan 2005306 viewsShowing the beach during our walk along it Jan 20051 comments
301 views1 comments
Kiko's Photo of His Paw287 viewsKiko took this close-up of his paw with his digital collar cam. Looks like Kiko needs to work a bit on focus.
Poinsettia outside unit opposite Mum_s unit in Cooranbong July 2005.jpg
Close up of poinsettia285 viewsA close up of the same poinsettia bush
John & Cathy with MSB leaving for Melb.jpg
John, Cathy & MSB on the day she left for Melbourne275 viewsA reminder of us being together before MSB headed for greener pastures in Melbourne. Sept 2002
Bonnie food focussed.jpg
Bonnie food focussed268 viewsBonnie is very food focussed but then most dogs are, she just loves her meal times.
Melanie at Melbourne airport with Nathan267 viewsWaiting for our flight to Singapore with Nathan one of the group members
Koala in tree on Linear Park Jan 2005.jpg
Koala in tree266 viewsKoala in tree on Linear Park, not a usual sighting in our neck of the woods, Jan 2005. He was alone and I only saw him about 4 times, have not seen him for about 6 weeks now.
Subway station266 viewsMelanie waiting at the Subway station for a train after visiting the Lama Temple, the trip was quite an experience with Melanie so squashed in we were worried we might not be able to get out at our stop, but luckily we did.
Chase & Melanie party July 2 2005.jpg
Chase and friend at party265 viewsChase and one of her Hash friends at the 30th and housewarming party July 2 2005
Kiko's Photograph of our Kitchen265 viewsKiko, our bull terrier, took this photograph of one of his favourite places in the world --- our kitchen. There's a small refrigerator on the right, and the source of all wonder --- the oven --- straight ahead. Photographed by Kiko with his collar camera.
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