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UK trip140 viewsShowing the dog park at the farm shop.
Paying homage to Buddha with burning Incense139 viewsMany visitors to the Lama Temple bought incense to the Temple and then lit three sticks bowing to the Buddha three times before setting the incense into the "pot" to continue burning. There were many incense sellers outside the Temple.
Genny Dog on Bed139 views
Matinee Jckt for baby Young.jpg
Other matinee jacket for baby Young138 viewsAnother matinee jacket for baby Young knitted by Granny
Opera House Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Sydney Opera House March 2005138 viewsA view of the Sydney Opera House March 2005
Feeding the pelicans at The Entrance July 16 2005.jpg
Feeding the pelicans 1137 viewsMore feeding of the pelicans
Looking at old airport from new one.jpg
Visit to New Airport137 viewsLooking towards the old airport building from the new one during the open day Oct 9th 2005.
I_ll get the hang of this 1.jpg
I'll get the hang of using a pen eventually136 viewsJohn trying to sign something with his plaster on, not the easiest but he did it. Do you like the red cast?, he had a choice of red, black or blue, so what other colour would an art teacher choose?
Bonnie with her new outfit Christmas day 2004.jpg
Bonnie with new outfit Christmas 2004135 viewsPoor Bonnie suffered the humiliation of having to wear her new commando hat and bandana on Christmas day courtesy of MSB
Bonnie at the beach boxing day 2004.jpg
Bonnie at the beach Boxing day 2004135 viewsBonnie testing the water at the beach, it was a bit rough for her, but she enjoyed herself non the less
UK trip135 viewsAt the Lygon Arms, enjoying afternoon tea with the dogs, at Broadway. It was a cold day so the warm fire was very welcoming.
Bonnie with bath bubbles.jpg
Bonnie and bubble bath bubbles134 views Bonnie just loves the bubbles created from bubble bath, she eats the bubbles for some obscure reason.
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