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Being a star is hard work7771 views
Mother and Child7336 viewsA couple of wild pigs at Whitecroft.
Highland Cattle at Balmoral Castle7318 views
Senior Male With Fine Tusks7200 viewsAccording to UNESCO, "In Vanuatu, items such as boar tusks and stringed shell money are traditional forms of wealth. They have both cultural and economic importance, highly valued for their exchange value and social prestige." The boar's tusk is even prominent on the flag of Vanuatu. This boar, however, is in sunny Worcestershire.
Resting Tamworths, Clucking Chickens6965 viewsThe Tamworth pigs (little boars) having a rest together, while the Black Rock chickens cluck in the background. It's cute to watch the chickens come up and peck at small insects, etc., in the pigs' ears.
Black Rock Chickens6912 views
Black Rock Chickens6886 viewsChickens always remind me of little old ladies. Here two Black Rocks are having a nice gossip.
"Keey Your Eye on The Ball.."6815 viewsLiterally in this case.
Kevin Howdle and Merlin6700 viewsKing's End Lane, August 2004
Black Panther Dog -- With The Red Ball6684 viewsOK, it's really a black Labrador. But he sure looks like a panther.
Dubarry Boots6389 viewsThe Dubarry folks sell their waterproof boots by standing in a little tub of water during most of the show. They're also good at serving chilled champagne.
Khaki Campbell Female Duck6352 viewsHaving a rest on the bank of the pond in the front garden of Whitecroft.
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