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Barbara Cleaning The Pool5980 viewsWhile our indoor pool has been maintained, we haven't really had time to swim in it. As we get ready to introduce canine swimming, it's time to clean every tile spic-n-span. It's a hot summer Friday, and Barbara volunteered. Ever gone swimming in kitchen gloves?
Black Panther Dog -- With The Red Ball5893 viewsOK, it's really a black Labrador. But he sure looks like a panther.
Scottish | Kobe Topside with Home Grown Veggies5796 viewsBeestings is the first milk from a cow (otherwise called colostrum). We've just acquired a "house" cow, Carole. She has a new calf, but there's plenty of colostrum. A farm treat is beestings Yorkshire pudding. So Marjorie made them --- and what better to have with a slow-cooked, tender Scottish | Kobe roast and vegetables grown here at Lucies Farm.1 comments
Young Berkshire Boar5478 viewsOr "kurobuta" (black hog) in Japan.
.... it's just one of those days5324 views
Chase's Pig5200 viewsThis magnificent pig is a cross between a kune kune pig (the small pigs from New Zeland, who have wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never understood how that mating took place. This pig is about 12 or 13 years old, but she can still move as fast as a piglet.
....... and here I am ......5113 views
A Young Berkshire Pig Boar5102 viewsOr "kurobuta" in Japan.
Ann Carman taking the Calf's Temperature5004 viewsAll normal . . .
Running Through The 11 Acre Field4959 viewsI'm not sure if this Highland cow was running to me, or away from me. A warm summer afternoon, July 10 2005, on the 11 Acre field.
Ross Being Shown the Artificial Cow4958 viewsHe's not particularly interested in a large white plastic cow. Please note how he's being managed with two leads --- one to his nose ring, and one attached to his head collar. Ian Crouch is holding both.
Isn't this fun4860 views
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