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Westbrook3840 viewsSince his arrival at Lucies Farm a few days ago, Worthington has become a "stable pig." He lives in one of our stables, and runs around the stable yard keeping us all company.
Cooked Picanha Steak3788 viewsWe did not cut this when it was on the grill -- this kept the juices inside. When we cut it, hot, on the cutting board, the delicious melted Kobe fat just poured out. Delicious with a simple salad.
Elvis and Marjorie in the Pool3772 viewsWater temperature just about 90 degrees, and Elvis in his doggie life preserver, but not quite ready for a swim.
Tamworth Mud Bath3744 viewsMom is taking a bath while a couple of her kids look on.1 comments
Highland and Aberdeen Angus Cattle3732 viewsWe are gradually moving from the pedigree Highland cattle (long-haired, horns -- on left) to pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle (black -- on right). Both produce delicious beef: the Aberdeen Angus matures earlier.
UK302940500069 - Highland Cattle Calf3692 viewsSold along with his mother UK302940600028. This young calf, born 17 Jul 05, is about to move from sunny Worcestershire to rainy Wales...
Pull That Bull3505 views
Swimming Pigs - Maxim Magazine, January 053482 viewsOur accountant sent us this photograph from Maxim magazine showing one of our Tamworth pigs having a nice swim in the pool.
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets3461 viewsThe Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot piglets ready to go to their new home in the Cotswolds. We brought them into the stable to give them a bath, and put them on some fresh straw, before their trip to their new home.
Chase and Conchita3443 viewsConchita understood how to pull the little donkey cart, but preferred to just stand.
Scottish | Kobe Shabu Shabu Beef3400 viewsThis is aged Scottish | Kobe topside, frozen, and then cut paper thin. We pack it on special grease proof, food-grade paper. It's delicious in shabu shabu --- and we have a good customer who eats in raw, as carpaccio.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet3365 views
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