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Chase and Conchita3304 viewsConchita understood how to pull the little donkey cart, but preferred to just stand.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet3232 views
The Chrysler Imperial from Cremaster 33120 viewsThe wrecked car from the demolition derby sequence in the Cremaster 3 film. This now stands at the centre of the stage in the Manchester Opera House as part of Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil.
Joe's Birthday Cake3099 viewsJoe has been a guest in our luxury dog hotel. His family surprised Joe this week with a doggie birthday cake with his portrait.
The Swimming Tamworth3075 viewsOnce we got him in the pool, there was no stopping him. He's a strong swimmer, and he raced around the edge of the pool like an Olympic athlete.
Berkshire Piglets Playing With the Tamworth3073 viewsThese Berkshire piglets are supposed to be in the next field, with their mother. They can, of course, escape in multiple places, and they prefer to pay with the slightly older Tamworth pigs.
Lord Rannoch of Lucies3050 views1 comments
Smiling Sheep2991 viewsImagine how hot this poor sheep must be under all that fleece?
Yeah, he's so big cos he's always scoffing2974 views
Elvis in His Life Preserver2940 viewsHe really does want to get in the pool. I think the life preserver slightly offends his dignity. The PetSTEP ramp is shown on the left: it's firmly secured, and gives the dog a gentle exit from the water.
Merlin -- A bit of Guernsey | Kobe2919 viewsWe recently purchased Carole, a pure-bred Guernsey cow, as our "house cow." The farmers who sold us Carole are getting out of the dairy business, so their bull, Merlin, was set to go to the chop. The Guernsey Cattle Society tells me Guernsey beef is delicious, so Merlin has had a bit of a reprieve. He gets to eat grain and grass and drink beer --- for a year.
Bronze Turkey Feathers2906 views
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