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PanAm Boeing Stratocruiser 377 in Honolulu, Circa 19494753 viewsI did a Google search on this aircraft, N1025V. It was the first of 21 Stratocruisers delivered to PanAm (delivered on January 31, 1949). At the time it was called "Clipper America," although that doesn't seem to be the name in this photograph. (PanAm apparently had many aircraft called "Clipper America" over the years.) N1025V is now sold as a model. The real N1025V was sold to the Israeli Air Force in 1963 as a cargo plane, and last flew in March 1974.
Underwater Seafood Restaurant -- Burj al Arab Hotel4428 viewsThe view from our table at the underwater seafood restaurant. I don't think we were really underwater, but there was a large tank of salt water fish to keep us entertained as we ate their cousins.
Camel Parade Number 24408 viewsAnother camel in the Camel Parade, in the gardens of the Dar Al Masyaf hotel.
At the Beach4384 viewsMarjorie 1, Cathy, Frank Wilson, Jeanie Wilson
Our Bathtub -- Burj al Arab Hotel4364 viewsOur suite (all rooms at the Burj al Arab Hotel are suites) covered two floors, with a long curving staircase connecting the floors. We had a large shower and a big round bath tub, complete with a painting of Dubai.
Jus' surveying my domain4326 views
craig and dogs - Torquay.jpg
Enjoying the Imperial Hotel, Torquay4287 viewsI believe it's great to travel with the dogs. Here we all are, enjoying our ocean front room at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay. September 2003
Tenbury Wells - Let Us Do Your Ironing4219 viewsThis sign made me chuckle. It was in the window of a cluttered, dusty shop. And the sign itself looked like it needed a good ironing.1 comments
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534160 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Atrium of Burj al Arab Hotel4154 viewsPhotographed from the lower lobby, looking up through the fountains and the large gold columns. They love gold in the Burj al Arab!
Burj al Arab Cocktail Lounge4116 viewsThis colourful cocktail lounge actually sticks out from near the top of the Burj al Arab hotel. So we were actually hundreds of feet above the Arabian Sea.
Kiko Napping in the Conservatory4086 viewsOn May 1 2006, Kiko's 11th Birthday
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