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..... yep4127 views
Interior of Burj al Arab Hotel4084 viewsThere's a light show in the evening in the tall, open atrium of the Burj al Arab hotel, with things projected on the inside of the large Kevlar "sail" that makes up one side of the hotel.
No overcrowding here - check out the size of the bed3901 views
Where did I get that sweater?3626 viewsAn old photo of me at RPI -- circa 1966 or 1967. A friend of mine found this online in another classmate's photo gallery. I remember that sweater -- I thought it was wonderful.
Kiko & Tapa in their Favorite Position3617 views....begging for food....!1 comments
Tapa and the Daisy Sprinkler3461 viewsWe bought this silly yellow daisy sprinkler at the BBC Garden Show --- for Tapa. We knew he'd chase the water all over the place. And he did, for hours. When we shut it off, he'd stand at look at the limp daisy, waiting for it to do something. So we'd have to turn it on again.
The red door3289 viewsI read somewhere that a red door brings good luck. In our case, the red door attracted red ink.
Kiko Asleep on Couch.jpg
Kiko Hard at Work3264 views
Remember this - it's the SUN!!3241 views2 comments
OK, which is ...........3219 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet3045 views
Fruit and Veg -- Dubai Style3029 viewsThis huge display of fresh fruit and veg was at the entrance to the desert restaurant -- built to look like an old fort -- at the Bab al Shams Hotel.
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