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Oh, we're so easily pleased2391 views
Nevsky Prospect - St. Petersburg2375 viewsTo cross the street in either direction on Nevsky Prospect -- one of the main streets in St. Petersburg -- you need to go into this pedestrian underpass. When we did so, on a bright spring afternoon (our wedding anniversary), my camera was stolen. I'd just entered the underpass, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom someone bumped into me quite hard, and I knew my camera was gone when my left shoulder suddenly didn't feel the weight. But there was a crowd, and no obvious villan.
The Great Room at the Grosvenor House, London2355 viewsThe gala dinner following the 2008 BAFTA Film Awards
Snowfall on Stimpson Hill2348 viewsLight winter snow falls on Stimpson Hill.
Kiko in the Vectra2344 viewsWe took Kiko for a ride in the car (all he does is sleep in the back), but it was clearly too short for him. His arthritis means he doesn't like to jump down anyway, but he just sat in the car, giving me stink eye. August, 20042 comments
The longest bar in the world in the Adam and Eve Hotel2341 views
The Whitecroft Pond2295 viewsA "Monet Day" (okay, the swans killed all of the water lillies) at Whitecroft, overlooking our private quarter-acre pond at the top of the garden.
The Wilson Family Camper2276 viewsOn the road, on vacation
Tapa looking quite sinister2230 views
Svetlana - instead of a concierge service, the hotel had an angel club2226 views
The Orchid House2222 viewsIt's a cold autumn day outdoors, but in the Whitecroft orchid house it's always summer. That's our indoor (outdoor?) shower on the right, with a shower head like the Savoy Hotel. The shower head is currently holding our insect-eating plant: Emilia has taken great care of it, and it's becoming the Triffid.
Marjorie2213 viewsWith the "Stop taking my picture and get in the car" look.
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