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Kiko in the Vectra2399 viewsWe took Kiko for a ride in the car (all he does is sleep in the back), but it was clearly too short for him. His arthritis means he doesn't like to jump down anyway, but he just sat in the car, giving me stink eye. August, 20042 comments
The longest bar in the world in the Adam and Eve Hotel2399 views
The Wilson Family Camper2348 viewsOn the road, on vacation
Chow Chow2333 views
Downstairs at Kopke Street2311 viewsMany an hour spent here.
Tapa looking quite sinister2306 views
Kiko in the Kitchen2296 views2 comments
Svetlana - instead of a concierge service, the hotel had an angel club2285 views
HDR Widelux Photo - Room at Adam and Eve Hotel2285 viewsExperimenting with overexposed and underexposed images of our room at the Adam and Eve Hotel, both taken with the Widelux camera -- and then blending with HDR software.
Frank Todd Wilson2270 views1970's "homemade" passport photo
Marjorie in Kitchen.jpg
Marjorie in Whitecroft Kitchen2215 viewsRipping some sort of meat apart with her bare hands.
Huey Helicopter at the Cu Chi Tunnels, Viet Nam2214 viewsThis old Huey UH-1 was at the entrance to the Cu Chi tunnels in Viet Nam. Our guide felt very awkward about this --- and I'd be surprised if it's still there.
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