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York Minster Cathedral - Chapter House616 viewsTourists taking photos of each other.11111
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OK, where's the barf bag?!352 views1 comments11111
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Marjorie Crossing the Dam832 viewsHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 comments11111
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Powick Parish Fete - May 28 2005260 views3 comments11111
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Severn Bore - Awaiting Breakfast and Wave372 viewsWe made breakfast reservations at the Severn Bore Pub and got up really early. The plan was to have breakfast-then-bore, but they were so crowded we had to wait until after the "event" to have our fry-up.00000
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My Leica R8 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera282 viewsI've been waiting for the Leica Digital Modul R to come out so that I could convert my Leica R8 to a digital camera. But the wait seems endless, and the recent review in Amateur Photographer wasn't stellar. So off to eBay. I can still use my Leica lenses on my Canon EOS 1D Mark II digital camera.00000
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A Summer Day -- With Sunshine!119 viewsThe view towards the north, across Geoffrey Grizzell's recently mowed field, just to the north of Maggot's Croft.00000
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This is our second favourite occupation .......94 viewsThink this might have been Selfridges in Birmingham but am not sure but we did take a flying visit to Birmingham to do the Christmas shopping!!00000
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Marjorie Surveying our Christmas Presents -- 2005147 viewsEven though it was just Marjorie and me (and all of our doggie guests) at Whitecroft this Christmas, we still seemed to have a lot of presents.00000
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View of Northern Boundary of Maggot's Croft197 viewsThis view, from Geoffrey Grizzell's field looking to the south, shows the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft. Our new wooden fence is shown beneath the second (smaller) oak tree.00000
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View Up The Track - North234 viewsLooking north up the track (and public footpath 578). The Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort is on the right (east). Our boundary line is to the left of this photograph -- not visible. I took a photograph from the same spot, with me turned around 180 degrees.00000
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Shauna - Lunch at Selfridge's Birmingham201 viewsHaving our anniversary lunch (April 26 2005) at Selfridge's in the Birmingham Bullring00000
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