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Orson Craig.JPG
Craig - or is it Orson Wells?281 views00000
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Barney Napping189 viewsBarney at rest with Marjorie on the couch in our "dog lounge."00000
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Magnolia Blossom - Whitecroft153 viewsI love Magnolias. Great, huge, pure white flowers. It's a shame that they seem to fall apart so quickly, so it's hard to bring them in the house for a big floral display. (Unless there's some secret that only Southern belles learn, while drinking juleps.) This magnolia bud is in our large tree, Whitecroft, on a hot summer afternoon.00000
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Christmas 2004225 viewsWe have five visiting dogs for Christmas -- so we took a few minutes out, with Kiko, to open our presents. Now to walk dogs, cuddle, give cookies, etc. --- the theme this year is Dogs.00000
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... wait a minute, we're being papped519 views00000
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Here I come ......528 views00000
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At long last, a clear shot117 viewsCathy has been waiting years to get a photo of this funny garage door. Until today there has always been a vehicle parked in front of it00000
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Jus' taking a worker's break114 views00000
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Whitecroft Stable Block at Sunset312 viewsA late spring evening, May 2007. Can you see the pig weather vane?1 comments00000
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Cathy Marjorie (and Kiko) at Christmas 2006113 viewsSmall tree and just the three of us (plus, of course, Kiko and Tapa and all of our doggie guests)00000
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Shauna - Whitecroft Garden148 viewsMay 11 2005 00000
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Magnolias - Whitecroft248 viewsI love magnolias, especially the big white ones you find all over the place in the U.S. south --- "grandaflora" I think they're called. This year the "English" magnolias have been gorgeous. I don't know if this is because of our hot summer in 2003. Whatever the reason, they're beautiful. 00000
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