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Kiko & Tapa Playing2015 viewsKiko & Tapa playing, January 25 20044 comments00000
(13 votes)
Kiko in Chair877 viewsKiko in his favorite chair in the conservatory. He likes to be comfortable.00000
(14 votes)
Tapa and new pet food1115 viewsWe tried to get Tapa to be one of our dog food "models." We set up the seamless background, and then put down the bowl of food. Of course, he became food-focused. But also kept turning his backside towards the camera. This is one of the only photos we were able to get of his head. We have lots and lots of Tapa's tail.00000
(9 votes)
Kiko & Tapa Resting1438 viewsAfter a hard day of Bull Terrier "work" - January 20041 comments00000
(34 votes)
Kiko's Eyes563 viewsThey say that dogs don't have good eye contact because they think it's a "challenge." Kiko has always had great eye contact, and it's never been in a challenging way. In fact (and is this anthropomorphising?) it seems quite loving and kind.00000
(17 votes)
Tapa and His Favourite Toy876 viewsWow, Tapa looks ferocious! And how dare we spray water in his face and make him angry? In fact, this is Tapa's favourite game. If we stop spraying him and try to spray the garden, he runs in front of the hose. And if we shut the hose off, he stands guard over the nozzle. In this 1/1500 of a second exposure, Tapa looks mean. He's not --- and after his garden play, he went to sleep on my lap.00000
(17 votes)
Poi Dog Shirt1015 viewsWe'd hoped that dog lovers would also wish to purchase a poi dog shirt, with a funny cartoon of a dog munching on biscuits and catching a Frisbee with a net. We were wrong.00000
(17 votes)
Mana Getting Ready to Fall Asleep165 viewsMana is tired -- lots of ball playing and running in Lord's Wood. Now he's ready to fall asleep, with his favourite toy in his mouth.00000
(18 votes)
Mana With His Pink Toy173 viewsMana loves to play ball, and we often find him asleep with his favourite ball in his mouth. Unlike our other bull terriers who try to destroy the balls, Mana is very gentle with them. This is his current favourite: it actually has a strawberry scent.00000
(20 votes)
Kiko Asleep Under My Chair571 viewsMarjorie snapped this picture of Kiko sleeping, face down, right under my office chair. 00000
(20 votes)
Hard at Work720 viewsI sometimes think that playing ball (and, more importantly, chewing ball) is like work to a dog. They do it with such seriousness and purpose. April 3 200500000
(20 votes)
Kiko's Face1582 viewsThis is really an awful photogaph of Kiko, taken with my tiny cell phone camera in a darkened hotel room. But it has a rather creepy feel to it that we wanted to share.00000
(21 votes)
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