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"I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim."4423 viewsI was given a book called The Ubiquitous Pig by my father in 1993. In this book is an underwater photograph of a pig and a lady swimming by Garry Winogrand taken at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Here's our own version, with Barbara and a Tamworth.3 comments44444
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Berkshire Piglets16657 viewsWe bought Fairoaks Mermaid 4 as a pedigree Berkshire sow in gilt. The sellers, the Bignells, told us her possible farrowing date was May 26. On the appointed date, along came the piglets. This photograph was taken just after they were born.22222
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Berkshire Pork Roast Dinner9263 viewsMarjorie cooked a delicious roast dinner with our first Berkshire pork leg roast. It was delicious. Much darker pork than conventional "supermarket" pork.22222
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Tamworth Pig9492 viewsLooks like the pigs have converted our lush, green English field into the Serengetti. Time to move them to another field --- for them to convert.11111
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Tamworth Pig -- Two Days Old894 viewsLooks more like a small deer.1 comments11111
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Westbrook4237 viewsSince his arrival at Lucies Farm a few days ago, Worthington has become a "stable pig." He lives in one of our stables, and runs around the stable yard keeping us all company.11111
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Westbrook and Vic Enjoying A Laugh Together716 views... and a beer.1 comments11111
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The Kune Kune Princess3169 viewsChase's pig -- a cross between a Kune Kune (hence the wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot (hence the spots). Not the prettiest pig in the patch, but to the enthusiastic young Berkshire boar, seen part way up her back, she's the personification of pulchritude.3 comments00000
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Tamworth Pig -- Royal Show 20052177 viewsSmiling pig, resting after the show.00000
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