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Wally425 views11111
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Tapa610 views11111
(5 votes)
Tapa and Pau1352 viewsA rare, quiet moment. I don't even remember Tapa being this small.11111
(17 votes)
........ I'm jus' not high energy .........6828 views11111
(9 votes)
Matt and Rose in Their Suite182 viewsMatt and Rose are sharing a suite at the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort. This is a photograph of the two of them in their raised "cubby," with its under-floor heating. This is only part of each suite --- which includes an outdoor run.11111
(9 votes)
Mana and His Favourite Toy158 viewsMana's favourite toy, today, is this pink ball -- it actually smells a bit like strawberries.11111
(10 votes)
Joe On Duck Alert367 viewsJoe keeping a watchful eye on our Khaki Campbell ducks. (Looks like our white picket fence needs painting --- another task for the Spring List.)11111
(6 votes)
Kiko with the Red Antlers413 viewsBeneath the Lucies Farm Christmas tree, 20061 comments00000
(11 votes)
Tapa the Bull Terrier230 viewsI went out into the front garden to take photos of magnolias. Tapa, of course, was close behind. "What are you doing?"00000
(9 votes)
Poi Company Delivery Van in New "Parking Lot"330 viewsWe purchased the empty lot next to the factory and converted it into our parking lot and "garden."00000
(12 votes)
Araucana Rooster and Chicken7824 viewsWe put a pig arc in the field for Westbrook. He, of course, prefers to sleep elsewhere -- including the chicken house. So the arc has been taken over by the Araucana chickens.00000
(12 votes)
Shane and Dana at PoiCo "Wake"523 viewsOahu Country Club, Honolulu1 comments00000
(5 votes)
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