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Alfie and the Big Red Antlers135 viewsChristmas 200600000
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Hey, look, a piggy back ride135 views00000
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Marjorie Surveying our Christmas Presents -- 2005147 viewsEven though it was just Marjorie and me (and all of our doggie guests) at Whitecroft this Christmas, we still seemed to have a lot of presents.00000
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Elvis Walking Up the PetSTEP1270 viewsThis photo makes it look like Elvis was moving slowly. When he decided he'd had enough, he was up the PetSTEP ramp in a flash.00000
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Bill Meyers and the taro pile444 views00000
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We're not up to anything - honest620 viewsMarjorie and Ross at the door to the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort00000
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The top of a gate post401 viewsThe post, before it was installed, reminded me of the top of an obelisk.00000
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............. and, one ...........426 views00000
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View of Northern Boundary of Maggot's Croft197 viewsThis view, from Geoffrey Grizzell's field looking to the south, shows the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft. Our new wooden fence is shown beneath the second (smaller) oak tree.00000
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View Up The Track - North234 viewsLooking north up the track (and public footpath 578). The Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort is on the right (east). Our boundary line is to the left of this photograph -- not visible. I took a photograph from the same spot, with me turned around 180 degrees.00000
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I've got my eye on the ball .............687 views00000
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I just don't know which one to choose175 views00000
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