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Spice Heading Down The Ramp603 viewsOur heated, indoor pool has a gentle doggie ramp on one end for the dog's comfort. We think this is much less traumatic than putting dogs in a hoist. And with Spice, getting her in the water is simple --- just toss her pink ball.00000
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Walkers on Bridge 1 Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Walkers on Sydney Harbour Bridge March 2005293 viewsIf you look closely enough you can see the walkers on the bridge. The walk is a wonderful experience that every one should attempt March 200500000
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Shauna - Lunch at Selfridge's Birmingham195 viewsHaving our anniversary lunch (April 26 2005) at Selfridge's in the Birmingham Bullring00000
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Chip About To Get The Ball468 views00000
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Orson Craig.JPG
Craig - or is it Orson Wells?281 views00000
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Cathy's Departure - Honolulu Airport453 viewsIs Stanley sad, or happy, to see her go?00000
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I am one .........367 views00000
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........... soaking up the sun186 views00000
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Barney Napping189 viewsBarney at rest with Marjorie on the couch in our "dog lounge."00000
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See, this is how ...........225 views00000
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Yes, keep goin' ................223 views00000
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Sarah, Kevin and Steve at a Poi Company Booth753 viewsWe did lots of these shows --- so many that I don't even recognise this booth.00000
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