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Missy and Snoopy76 viewsStaffordshire bull terriers, posing for their portrait in the orchid house.00000
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Elvis in His Life Preserver1299 viewsThinking about walking down the PetRAMP.1 comments00000
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Magnolia Blossom - Whitecroft116 viewsI love Magnolias. Great, huge, pure white flowers. It's a shame that they seem to fall apart so quickly, so it's hard to bring them in the house for a big floral display. (Unless there's some secret that only Southern belles learn, while drinking juleps.) This magnolia bud is in our large tree, Whitecroft, on a hot summer afternoon.00000
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Harvey on Duty403 viewsThey both watch everyone and everything that comes down the path. Anything unfamiliar gets a good bark.00000
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Christmas 2004186 viewsWe have five visiting dogs for Christmas -- so we took a few minutes out, with Kiko, to open our presents. Now to walk dogs, cuddle, give cookies, etc. --- the theme this year is Dogs.00000
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Merlin -- A bit of Guernsey | Kobe3402 viewsWe recently purchased Carole, a pure-bred Guernsey cow, as our "house cow." The farmers who sold us Carole are getting out of the dairy business, so their bull, Merlin, was set to go to the chop. The Guernsey Cattle Society tells me Guernsey beef is delicious, so Merlin has had a bit of a reprieve. He gets to eat grain and grass and drink beer --- for a year.00000
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... wait a minute, we're being papped460 views00000
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Here I come ......473 views00000
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........ for some action191 views00000
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I am having a good time - honest203 views00000
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Ross and Kero in the Pool298 viewsOne of the rare sunny days. Ross takes Kero for a swim in the pool.00000
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Give me ........142 views00000
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