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Wait a minute, there might be some action coming201 views00000
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"Now You Can Cook The Perfect Treats for Your Pet Pooch"151 viewsArticle from the December 13, 2007 issue of the Worcester Evening News in PDF format.00000
(6 votes)
Loooooooooking very good - very artsy fartsy154 views00000
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Please can I have a cookie now?230 views00000
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Well, you gonna open that jar or not?!108 views00000
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Missy and Snoopy118 viewsStaffordshire bull terriers, posing for their portrait in the orchid house.00000
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Elvis in His Life Preserver1418 viewsThinking about walking down the PetRAMP.1 comments00000
(6 votes)
Harvey on Duty511 viewsThey both watch everyone and everything that comes down the path. Anything unfamiliar gets a good bark.00000
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Merlin -- A bit of Guernsey | Kobe5194 viewsWe recently purchased Carole, a pure-bred Guernsey cow, as our "house cow." The farmers who sold us Carole are getting out of the dairy business, so their bull, Merlin, was set to go to the chop. The Guernsey Cattle Society tells me Guernsey beef is delicious, so Merlin has had a bit of a reprieve. He gets to eat grain and grass and drink beer --- for a year.00000
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........ for some action241 views00000
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I am having a good time - honest251 views00000
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Ross and Kero in the Pool382 viewsOne of the rare sunny days. Ross takes Kero for a swim in the pool.00000
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