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The farewell ........ and off to the next gig142 viewsThe final farewell as the RDF crew prepare to leave after 2 weeks filming the "Impress Me" documentary.00000
(15 votes)
Do I have to sit here much longer?!89 views00000
(12 votes)
High powered TV meeting330 viewsRod and Leonie of RDF in talks with us to take part in a documentary about finding staff to be called 'Impress Me' - August 200700000
(12 votes)
Bubbles in the new coving199 viewsThis shows that the paint did not only bubble on the concrete blocks, but on the new coving.00000
(10 votes)
'The weird dog spa couple expect their slave to serve the dogs scrambled eggs on a plate'258 viewsCharle Brooker's column from the 5 July 2008 issue of The Guardian. Does anyone think we really feed the dogs at the table?00000
(10 votes)
Sasha Eating A Cookie108 views00000
(10 votes)
Elvis and Marjorie1302 viewsTrying to get him to walk down the ramp. I think Elvis is more prone to jump into the water. In the end, Marjorie and I gently picked him up and brought him into the pool with us.00000
(10 votes)
Aren't I just .........404 views00000
(9 votes)
Wow, I'm having fun and when did my face sag!!187 views00000
(9 votes)
I'm feeling pretty happy195 viewsJulie Wong at The Glasshouse Restaurant, Worcester.00000
(9 votes)
Well, I'm having a good time131 views00000
(9 votes)
Sasha and the Red Ball105 views00000
(9 votes)
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