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Kiko Resting in the Conservatory1749 viewsKiko quite comfortable in the Conservatory, January 28 200411111
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Kiko in the Vectra2405 viewsWe took Kiko for a ride in the car (all he does is sleep in the back), but it was clearly too short for him. His arthritis means he doesn't like to jump down anyway, but he just sat in the car, giving me stink eye. August, 20042 comments11111
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Tapa and His Yellow Daisy Sprinkler2552 views11111
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Kiko With His Unusual Markings1436 viewsHmmm . . . I wonder how deep the mud in the stream might be?1 comments11111
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Kiko in Pursuit1017 viewsKiko loves playing ball. He prefers a blue ball, but here he demonstrates that yellow will do nicely.11111
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Smiling Kiko and -- Well, Smiling Kiko398 viewsThey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They're wrong. We went to Crufts today, and there smiling from Emily Burrowes booth was a large painting of a bull terrier. It looked familiar --- very familiar. Marjorie took a photo of it. Here's Emily's painting (on the left) and our photo, posted on this gallery in 2004 and covered by our copyright, on the right. Neither have been cropped in any way. Look familiar? Look at the collar end, the shoulders, teeth, markings on the nose. 11111
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And he used to be such a handsome lad!371 views2 comments11111
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What am I here for?269 viewsKiko is 12 years old in May 2007. He had been having trouble with his breathing and we are at the Queen Mother Hospital, South Mimms, waiting to get checked out.11111
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Marjorie and the Fire Extinguisher325 viewsMarjorie testing an out-of-date fire extinguisher. Vic runs in to remind Marjorie not to hold the nozzle as it gets very cold and your hand can freeze to it.11111
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Whitecroft Conservatory444 viewsAnd if you look closely, you can see Kiko watching me from inside.11111
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Kiko and the Barbell661 viewsWe didn't think the bull terriers would like this barbell: it's made from tennis ball-type of material. Or we thought they'd tear it to bits in seconds. Kiko and Tapa love it, and it's managed to make it through the critical 10 minutes.11111
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Winter Morning - Maggot's Croft316 viewsThe field behind our house is called Maggot's Croft (it clearly came with that name --- not something we thought up). It was once an apple orchard, and these old trees are left from those days. Taken by Marjorie on a cold winter morning, December 28 2004.11111
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