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Kiko Under Desk1144 viewsChristmas, 20021 comments11111
(15 votes)
Kiko in His Mud Suit816 views2 comments11111
(17 votes)
Matchy matchy358 views11111
(6 votes)
Chase at her Initiation1212 views11111
(5 votes)
Tapa in the Kitchen1689 views1 comments11111
(19 votes)
Marjorie has had enough673 viewsMarjorie certainly did not enjoy her ten days in the Worcester Royal Infirmary. I think she want out....11111
(13 votes)
A woman's work is never done - even on holiday144 views11111
(7 votes)
My Steak Sandwich at "It's All About Me" - Ironbridge487 viewsWe stopped in Ironbridge to have lunch. The name of this restaurant caught our attention, and it had a gorgeous sunny terrace overlooking the Severn. We ordered steak sandwiches. This is mine --- the largely uncooked fat was on the side of the steak. I couldn't bite through the steak because of this large streak of fat. When we asked to have the meals re-cooked, we were told our re-orders would be put in the queue behind other diners. We left.3 comments11111
(7 votes)
York Minster Cathedral - Chapter House575 viewsTourists taking photos of each other.11111
(7 votes)
OK, where's the barf bag?!295 views1 comments11111
(7 votes)
Kiko's Nose537 viewsI think Kiko's nose is great. I like the little black lower lip as well. It almost looks like Kiko polishes his nose when we're not looking.11111
(7 votes)
Kiko in the Driver's Seat439 views11111
(6 votes)
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