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Kiko's Face1393 viewsThis is really an awful photogaph of Kiko, taken with my tiny cell phone camera in a darkened hotel room. But it has a rather creepy feel to it that we wanted to share.00000
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Tapa Relaxing816 views1 comments00000
(34 votes)
Kiko Protecting his Barbell470 viewsHe's had it in his mouth, and has just dropped it for the photograph -- on top of his paw. At the Holstein Society HQ, near Rickmansworth (wherever that is --- somewhere near the M25). May 3 200500000
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Severn Bore - Awaiting Breakfast and Wave278 viewsWe made breakfast reservations at the Severn Bore Pub and got up really early. The plan was to have breakfast-then-bore, but they were so crowded we had to wait until after the "event" to have our fry-up.00000
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Marjorie With Pau as a Puppy - Summer 199075 views00000
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Sleeping with the Dogs107 viewsA "Three Dog Night." Barney has his head on Marjorie's lap, Mana is in his favourite position on the couch, and Tapa is in pole position on the ground. The Texans say, "If you lie down with dawgs you'll get fleas."00000
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Pau - Summer 199070 viewsPau came to live with us at Whitecroft on my birthday, May 1990.00000
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Kiko Hard At Work701 viewsThis is serious stuff for Kiko. He has always been a world-class ball chewer. April 3 200500000
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Here I come58 views00000
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Pau after his Brain Surgery959 views00000
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What IS this stuff61 views00000
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The Postman's Nightmare880 viewsThis is a cropped shot of another photo on this website. Tapa is growling at water coming from the garden hose. He really loves it. I've never really seen inside his mouth before (and it needed a 1/1500 shutter speed to do so). Wow, those are big teeth!00000
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