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Tapa Having A Saturday Morning Rest1082 viewsTapa and Kiko both love the couch --- sleeping on it, walking on it, licking it. Here's Tapa having a bit of a Saturday morning lie in, with his head comfortably on the pillow. Note that mine is not.00000
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Think I'll have this one..........68 views00000
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My Leica R8 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera202 viewsI've been waiting for the Leica Digital Modul R to come out so that I could convert my Leica R8 to a digital camera. But the wait seems endless, and the recent review in Amateur Photographer wasn't stellar. So off to eBay. I can still use my Leica lenses on my Canon EOS 1D Mark II digital camera.00000
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Kiko in the Driver's Seat640 viewsWe just came home from the grocery store, and Kiko didn't want to get out of the car. So we left him the back seat, with the back door opened. About ten minutes later, he'd moved to the front seat, where he took charge. Here's Marjorie (seen in reflection) taking a photo of Kiko the driver.00000
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Tapa Sleeping in his Favourite Position122 viewsI think Tapa feels that from this position, with his head just around the corner of the couch, he will be the first to see any intruders. Assuming, of course, that he's awake.00000
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Marjorie Having a Rest -- With Mana80 viewsMarjorie is watching TV, while Mana sleeps00000
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......... oh, go on, just one73 views00000
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Tapa and The Garden Hose529 viewsTapa has a real love/hate relationship with the spray from the garden hose. He wants to bite and kill it --- but when we shut it off, he wants it back. He looks so ferocious here: like a poster dog for the Dangerous Dogs Act. You should see how brave he is with pigeons in the garden --- not.00000
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Sleeping Mana172 viewsMana enjoying a snooze on the couch in our "dog lounge."00000
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Well, I'll just give you a stroke then80 views00000
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.......... my cuddles123 views00000
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Our beloved Kea - our first English Bull Terrier135 views00000
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